Travis Lindquist - Show Dates - May 6 - 21

Dan Edwards - Travis Lindquist - Brian Leo - Lincoln Capla - Colin Burns - David Kesting

A) Illustration Installation 105 pieces.

B) Painting Installation, 21 pieces


Travis Lindquist was born in 1969 in Boston Mass. Growing up on Cape Cod he was washed in all the myths and contradictions of suburban life. After graduating high school, he went to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in Boston. This is when he committed himself to the life of an artist. Lindquist is primarily a painter, but has branched out into other mediums including sculpture, video, photography, sound, collaberation, and digital animation. He spent ten years in Boston, showing in many of the venues there including the ICA, the Harbor Gallery at UMASS, the Museum of Urban Art and Culture, and the Boston Architecture Center.

In 1997 he moved to Austin TX. He worked as one of the animators on Richard Linklater's movie Waking Life as well as doing a number of showcases with the Austin Museum of Digital Art. He also still actively pursued his painting, showing at the Texas Fine Arts Association, Conduit Gallery in Dallas, and the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin.

He moved to NYC in 2002, where he reunited with the David Hochbaum and Colin Burns, giving birth to the Goldmine Shithouse. The Trio has had numerous shows since, including NYC, Brooklyn, Chicago, Seattle and LA.

There have been numerous influences on Lindquist's work including the German Expressionists, Neo-Expressionism, Ben Shahn, Max Beckman, Basquiat, Bill Viola, C Bukowski, D Copeland, H Korin, but most importantly is his peers. Collaborations have always been a part of his creative process, finding inspiration in the sharing of ideas and approaches to the act of creation.

Lincoln Capla & David Kesting

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