Colin Burns - Concept Album
October 13 - Nov 3
Dan Edwards - Travis Lindquist - Brian Leo - Lincoln Capla - Colin Burns - David Kesting



Colin Burns
Concept Album
October 13- November 3
Opening Night with the artist: Friday October 13 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Capla Kesting Fine Art
121 Roebling St Brooklyn, NY 11211

Artist Statement:


A Story in Three Parts
I Wish I could say I was there from day one. But I wasn't.
I found their first album in a stack of records my sister's
ex-boyfriend left behind.
For the first couple months I absorbed the album, I thought I was
listening too some far out German band no one had ever heard but me.
It came as a real shock when I saw this dude in the hallway wearing a
die Hexen shirt.
I got home and checked the address on the album...
Hollywood, USA.
Hollywood. Shit.
The first time I saw them was magic. The whole night was magic.
Fucked up, underage, and in the club. I knew most of the set.
I was upfront. Singing all the words, along with everyone else.
It was my first time in church.
I met 2/3 of the band that night. I was sitting on the edge of the
stage after their set-reeling. Leslie & Linda invited me backstage to
party...It was my first backstage. And it was good.
(The only one missing was Sadie)
But that album. Everyday before school.
During school. In the car.
At work.
That album was my soundtrack before I saw them play.
After I saw those songs live-

that albumripped itself open.

Mile high.

Mile wide.




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Lincoln Capla & David Kesting

Capla Kesting Fine Art
121 Roebling St, 7-8 - Brooklyn, NY 11211
phone: 917-650-3760
Bedford Ave L Train at the corner of North 5th and Roebling.



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